World-Class Utility With 100% Transparency

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What Is MOON Boost Token?

Moon Boost Token is an exciting new project being launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With its world-class tokenomics, groundbreaking utility and exciting new BOOST+ buy-back protocol, it is quickly being praised as one of the most exciting projects available. With a fully doxxed dev team, locked wallets, incoming audits and a driving pledge of 100% transparency, it’s no wonder why so many investors are excited about joining our community.

Another standout feature of Moon Boost Token is its commitment to transparency, community and innovation. The Moon Boost Token community will play an active role in every aspect of Moon’s marketing and development and the exceptionally talented development team will be constantly innovating and adding more utility tools and functions to maximize investor gains and community growth.

How To Buy

1. Download Trustwallet or MetaMask - We recommend downloading the official Trust Wallet or MetaMask application to store and swap your cryptocurrency coins.
Simply visit the official website: and download its application. Keep your password seed phrase in a safe space and never share these details with others as you will risk losing your coins to theft.

2. Funding Your Wallet Now it’s time to purchase some BNB coin (or BSC – Binance Smart Chain) in order to swap for Moon Boost Token. Think of BNB (or BSC) as DeFi gift cards that now allow you to use that amount to exchange for other tokens on pancakeswap.

3. Swap your BNB (BSC) for Moon Boost Token Now it’s time to use your BNB to trade for Moon Boost Token. Click on your Trust Wallet app and navigate to the Dapps section and click on pancakeswap. Now click on ‘select a currency’ and copy/paste our contract address 0x5879Bc8dB0c853AC69736662D6D5f66126D52bb1
Moon Boost Token will appear and ask you to import our coin. Once imported you can now ‘swap’ your BNB for Moon Boost Token and join our community for the gains of a lifetime!

BOOST+ Function Explained

The Moon Boost Token development team is incredibly proud to present this groundbreaking new buy-back protocol that will take the cryptocurrency community by storm. The core function of our BOOST+ system is the process in which every sale is automatically supported by an instant buy-back and burn, resulting in a tremendous boost to every sales transaction.

BOOST+ is built right into our smart contract, allowing for a transformational algorithm to automatically calculate buybacks per each sales transaction based on the overall volume amount during the preceding 24 hour period to ensure price stability and maximize market cap liquidity.

This new utility will immediately set the standard for maximizing investor gains and confidence as our community will benefit from increased profits, liquidity and price stability. As Moon Boost Token grows and investor confidence rises, we will see the BOOST+ system take our price levels to new heights as confidence soars and new investors flock in to maximize their potential gains.

Road Map

We are keeping some aspects of our Road Map a secret as we do not like to diclose our marketing partnerships & development too soon, please make sure to join our Telegram to keep up to date with all announcements.

Safe Launch
Website Launch
Fair Launch Event 2nd August 2021
Begin Social Media Marketing Campaign
Begin Banner Advertising Campaign
Apply For CoinMarketCap
Apply For CoinGecko
Larger Scale Marketing & Utility Development
Apply For New Listings & Exchanges
Complete Full Audit
Full Team Transparency
Blockfolio Listing & Community Voting
Confirm Partnerships With Influencers
Confirm A Famous Ambassador
More TBA


Our Dev team have analyzed hundreds of successful cryptocurrency projects to ensure that Moon Boost Token has the very best tokenomics for investor gains and community growth. Moon Boost Token imposes a 12% tax on all transactions with 6% added to the liquidity pool (LP), 2% being stored for BOOST+, 2% being used for marketing and 2% redistributed to our holders. These percentages have been thoroughly studied and determined to provide investors with maximum opportunities for increased returns on their investment while ensuring a stable liquidity pool and maximizing marketing opportunities and campaigns.

The Moon Boost Token is a deflationary coin with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 with an initial burn of 45% combined with 5% for airdrop rewards. The final 50% will be used for our pancakeswap liquidity pool.

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